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EOX - Dog House Vacuum Circuit Breaker

EOX is a compact dead tank vacuum circuit breaker for use in primary distribution substation applications. It is characterized by its “Dog House” design.

NEW - EOX MAGnetic - introduces magnetic actuators to the well proven EOX product range. The EOX MAGnetic circuit breaker is guaranteed for a minimum of 30,000 mechanical operations requiring no adjustment & minimal maintenance. The innovative design uses a single coil for both opening and closing, with no critical friction parts. Electronic coil management ensures low operating energy requirements.

    Ratings up to 15 / 25 kV / 40 / 31.5 kA, 2000A
    Mechanical drive with reduced number of moving parts
    Legs can be adjusted to specific heights
    NEMA 3R designed cabinet
    Porcelain bushings
    Complete stainless steel cabinet optional.
    Compliant with ANSI standards up to 31.5 kA


    Full ANSI rating
    Greater reliability due to fewer parts
    Anti-corrosion structural steel cabinet
    Long-life structure

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