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Jual PCOB 36

Spesifikasi PCOB 36

PCOB 36 - Outdoor Live Tank Vacuum Circuit Breakers 36 kV
The PCOB 36 is Porcelain Clad Outdoor Breaker, its simple design ensuring a high degree of reliability. It performs well in harsh ambient conditions and requires limited maintenance.

The live tank outdoor breakers (PCOB) are highly reliable and cost effective due to their long life cycle and low maintenance requirements.

    Ratings : 36 kV, 25 kA 3s, 1250 / 2000 A
    Operating mechanism motor driven, spring charged, O-C-O without recharging
    Robust vacuum interrupters
    Comply with IEC/IS standards


    Simple to install and to operate
    Robust construction
    Reliable conception makes it for long time of service
    Up-to-date vacuum interrupters technology
    Maintenance reduced at the


PCOB 36 is particularly suitable where a reliable power supply is needed in distribution networks such as:

    Short-circuit protection
    Transformer switching
    Cable switching
    Over head line switching
    Capacitor bank Switching

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