PMX - Cradle
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PMX - Cradle

For Integrators and OEMs, the PMX cradle brings the benefits of Schneider Electric proven technology to the
design and manufacture of withdrawable switchgear cubicles.

    Rated up to 24 kV, 3150A, 40kA, 3 pole.
    Compatible with HVX -Vacuum & FPX - SF6 circuit breakers, CVX Vacuum contactors and UTX & MTX modules.
    Self supporting frame.
    Includes fully rated and interlocked earthing switch.
    Compliant with IEC standards. 


    Cost-effective solution.
    Easy integration into switchgear panel designs.
    Robust construction for long life.
    Compatible with all Schneider Electric mobile parts.
    Wide range of options.
    Safe and secure interlocking.

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