SF - MV SF6 Circuit Breakers up to 40.5 kV
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SF - MV SF6 Circuit Breakers up to 40.5 kV
MV circuit-breakers up to 40.5 kV

Range of circuit-breakers up to 40.5 kV:

    Fixed switchgear, left or right MV connection, side or front operating mechanism.
    3 mechanically linked separate poles, built into a "sealed pressure system" type insulating enclosure containing low pressure SF6 gas.
    Manual stored energy operating mechanism.
    Nominal current from 400 to 3150 A.
    Short-circuit current from 12.5 to 40 kA.
    SFset: circuit-breaker with self-contained protection chain incorporating a VIP control unit operating without auxiliary supply source


    Electrical operating mechanism.
    Supporting frame equipped with rollers and ground fixing brackets for a fixed installation.
    Keylock for locking the circuit-breaker in open position.
    Pressure switch.
    42-pin Harting type LV connector.


The assets of a tried and tested technology
A comprehensive, tried and tested range of SF6 technology circuit-breakers. Both compact and reliable, they are able to satisfy the most stringent applications. Benefit from more than 35 years experience and embark with Merlin Gerin on the road leading to your peace of mind.


    Operation and protection of networks from 12 to 40.5 kV in public, industrial or tertiary distribution
    Making or breaking of all types of capacitive or inductive current

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