VOX - Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker
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VOX - Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker

The VOX dead tank circuit breaker is a cost-effective and reliable solution for substations. It performs well in harsh ambient conditions and requires limited maintenance.

    Ratings up to 38 kV / 2000 A / 40 kA.
    Rated impulse withstand voltage up to 200 kV peak full wave and 258 kV peak 2µs chopped wave.
    Rated for -40°C to +50°C (standard), -65°C to +55°C (option).
    No de-rating required for altitudes up to 10000 ft (3000m).
    Internal arc fault and seismic endurance tested.
    EPDM rubber bushings.
    Large CT housing
    Surge Arresters, VT or recloser configuration in option
    Meets IEC, ANSI/IEEE, BS, GOST, AS, GB regulations.


    Cost effective.
    Limited maintenance required.
    Sealed-for-life, zero gasket construction.
    Improved safety due to internal arc fault containment
    Easy access to the current transformer and control protection functions.
    Small foot print

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