VXA - VXB for Railway
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VXA, VXB for Railway - Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers for AC Traction Applications

This proven range of indoor vacuum circuit breakers has been specially designed to meet the specific requirements of AC traction power supply systems. It is a highly reliable device with minimum installation work and reduced life-cycle costs.

    Developed for switching applications on AC traction power supply systems up to 27.5 kV / 2,500 A / 40 kA / 250 kV BIL.
    Frequency 16.7, 25, 50 & 60 Hz.
    Can be delivered in single (VXA) or 2-pole (VXB) configurations.
    Breakers can be fixed pole-mounted type or mounted on withdrawable truck.
    Indoor application
    Meets many country specifications, including fast switching


    Proven experience
    Cost-effective solution
    Extremely robust construction
    Compact design
    Flexible integration into switchboards
    High number of mechanical and electrical switching cycles

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