VXC - Arc Furnace Circuit Breaker
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VXC - Arc Furnace Circuit Breaker

The VXC is a compact, high duty vacuum circuit breaker for primary distribution. Due to its high number of switching cycles, it is used in the Mines and Metals industry application fields.

    Ratings up to 38 kV / 4,000 A / 40 kA / 200 kV BIL.
    Standard switching cycles: 25,000 (mechanically and electronically).
    Option to go up to 75,000 switching cycles (ECO breaker replacement program).
    Loose type circuit breaker.
    Full LV option list available.
    Meets IEC standards

Contractual warranty
Period : 18 months


    High number of switching cycles.
    Service support to triple the number of standard switching cycles.
    Easy access to all parts.
    Easy handling for operation and maintenance.

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